For Families

We’re excited to offer a selection of hands-on programs for families with children of all ages. Tickets can be purchased below. For more info, please contact or (518) 887-5073.


Campfire at the Mabee Farm
July 21st @ 7 PM
August 5 @ 7 PM

Gather ‘round the fire under the stars on a warm summer night! This program invites kids to unplug themselves for the evening and tune in to the real world instead. We’ll enjoy apple cider warmed over an open fire along with some s’mores. And what’s a campfire without a few local ghost stories? This activity is weather dependent. 



A Day in the Life
July 22nd @ 10 AM
August 20th @10 AM

A true living history experience, we’ll spend the day living as a Mabee kid would have, 200 years ago. Spoilers- it’s a lot of work! We’ll do farm house chores like fetching water and washing clothes, making candles, and making butter. Perfect for ages 5 to 10 but all are welcome. 



The Fur Trade Experience
August 8th @ 10 AM

We’re going back to the wild west! Mabee Farm was once a hub of trade between the Dutch and Mohawk peoples, and we’ll discover their trading adventures. Join us as we explore the nature trail, river, and historic boats, learning the many ways humans have used the natural world to make a living. 



The Mabee Kitchen
August 12th @ 10 AM

A sweet surprise! This living history program invites kids to do a little authentic Colonial cooking. We’ll start with a simple bread recipe and move on to waffles and, later, Dutch Sweet cakes! Admission is $7 per child and adults are free; pre-registration required.




Build-A-Broom Workshop
August 19th @ 10 AM

A program of sweeping proportions! The broom making industry was once a staple of the Mohawk Valley economy. In this workshop we’ll rekindle that spirit by learning about broom corn and seeing a live broom-making demo. Then we’ll fashion our own pot-scrubbers to take home. Admission is $7 per child and adults are free; pre-registration required.


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Rowing the River

Rowing the River
July 30 @ 10 AM
September 23 @ 10 AM

Spend the day on the Mohawk River as we retrace the path of America’s first settlers. Led by veteran crewmen, we’ll row the reproduction bateaux on a 2 hour tour of the Mohawk. Great for families! This activity is weather dependent and involves physical activity- please be prepared for both. Admission is $25 for adults and $15 for children; pre-registration required.

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An American Girl Tea with Caroline Abbott
July 27th at 2pm @ Mabee Farm
August 4th at 2pm @ Mabee Farm

Join us as we enjoy the outdoors at Mabee Farm! We will discuss Caroline’s experience growing up on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812 and talk about farm life, traveling by water, and see our own boats in the Mohawk River behind the farm. In our outdoor pavilion we will make a craft and enjoy some iced tea and goodies. Advance registration required. Sign up below!

Which program? Note: All children must be accompanied by an adult, and adults must purchase tickets as well.