Grems-Doolittle Library 25th Anniversary

Over the years, our library collections have grown and grown and grown and they keep growing. By the early 1980s our original library, located in one of the rooms of our current museum, was packed to the brim. Eventually, our Library and Archives Committee came to the decision that something needed to be done about the lack of space in the library and the idea for a completely new facility began to gain some traction by late 1982. By 1985, the fund drive for the library was in full swing and by mid-1987 the fundraising campaign was complete!

With the fundraising finished, the historical society approved the building of the library. The planning and fundraising was tough and timeconsuming work and could not have been done without trustees Frank Taormina, Mandalay Grems, Jim Pontius, John Hancock, Ruth Anne Evans, and the many others who worked on getting our library up and running. With the very hard work of various trustees, staff, and volunteers, the Grems-Doolittle Library and Archives officially opened on October 12, 1991. Our library has hosted many programs and has seen volunteers, trustees, and staff members come and go. We thank everyone who has made the library what it is today and hope to continue their hard work in the future.

Library volunteer Paul Contarino has put in a lot of hard work in preparing for the library’s 25th anniversary and has scanned many photos and documents, helped interview former SCHS trustee Frank Taormina, and created a timeline for the library.

Many of the photos have been put into a collection on our New York Heritage Page which you can find here and the timeline that Paul created can be found at this link.