Ray Faraday Nelson

Download Schenectady’s Child by Ray Faraday Nelson

raypictureRay Faraday Nelson is a science fiction author and cartoonist, well known for his art work from the golden age of science fiction fandom in the 1940s and ’50s, up until the present day.

In addition to having written numerous novels and short stories, Ray is the inventor of the propeller beanie, and his short story “8 O’clock in the Morning” was made into the paranoid cult classic “They Live”, directed by John Carpenter.

Ray is a Schenectady native, and spent the first five years of his life in Schenectady. As part of the It Came From Schenectady: Science Fiction in the Capital Region exhibit in 2015, SCHS staff asked Ray to speak about his  his Schenectady childhood and its influence on his writing. In response, Ray penned ten poignant short stories, titled “Schenectady’s Child,” which can be downloaded here.