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Mabee Farm Historic Site

Visitors to Mabee Farm Historic Site learn first-hand about the life of one of Schenectady County’s early families. In 1705 Jan Mabee purchased land from his neighbor and relocated his family from Schenectady to the beautiful riverside farm that still stands today. For nearly three hundred years, the Mabee family owned, worked, and lived on the land that now makes up the Mabee Farm Historic Site.

Today, visitors can walk in the footsteps of Jan and Annetje Mabee and their children in the original family home, try their hand at pulling weeds in the field garden, imagine threshing grain in the 1760s Nilsen Dutch Barn, or simply sit and watch the beautiful Mohawk River flow alongside the site. Tied to the dock or parked behind the Dutch Barn sit our reproduction 18th century bateaux, the De Sagar and the Bobbie G, giving visitors an idea of how goods were shipped up and down the river.

The new George E. Franchere Educational Center, opened in October 2011, offers modern exhibit galleries, artifact storage, programming space, a catering kitchen, and staff offices.

Every year, thousands of local students visit the Mabee Farm as part of the site’s vibrant school field trip programming. Programs such as blacksmithing, broom and basket making, wool processing, and Native American culture programs give students and other visitors an opportunity to experience history hands-on. The Mabee Farm is also home to a number of workshops and classes for people of all ages, family-oriented festivals, and historic militia reenactments.

If you are interested in hosting an event at the Mabee Farm Historic Site please visit our rentals page.

The Schenectady History Museum

Nestled in the heart of Schenectady’s Stockade Historic District (described by the National Park Service as “the highest concentration of historic period homes in the country,” with over 40 older than 200 years) is the Schenectady History Museum.

Schenectady Town by Len Tantillo- 2005

The Museum is the perfect starting point for discovering the history of Schenectady County. Through programs and exhibits, the Museum shares the stories of Schenectady’s people, places, and cultures,  inspires dialogues about the past, and encourages understanding of the region’s history. Visitors can explore how Schenectady County has changed over the years, the impact the Schenectady area has had on national events, as well as the rich and diverse history that Schenectady County has to offer.