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Wine Tastings at the Brouwer House

Join City Historian and wine aficionado Chris Leonard for an evening of fine wine tastings inside Schenectady’s oldest house. Our inaugural wine tasting event will feature four different wines and light fare, curated by Chris. Each wine tasting is $25 and registration is open at

Our wine-tasting group will meet quarterly, with the year’s wine tastings scheduled for:

Thursday, April 2
Thursday, July 1
Thursday, Sept 3
Thursday, Dec 3

The April wines will be selected with the theme of “100% varietals” in mind. Every wine served will be 100% of a single grape. This is a great way to learn about the pedigree of particular styles. Chris will discuss the history of the specific varietals, where they are grown, and expectations for nose and flavor palette. For April, Chris has selected mostly light, dry wines, including three whites, a rose and a red. Summer will conform to a similar pattern, but a bit sweeter. Fall and winter will lean towards heartier reds and celebration wines.
We’ll kick off the evening with a light and easy wine to set the tone. Often this will be a bubbly. April’s opening wine will be a Vinho Verde, the green wine of Portugal. Young, lightly effervescent, and only 9% alcohol, this is the perfect wine for a picnic or siting on a porch with friends.
The second and third wines will be a comparison of unoaked and oaked Chardonnays. Chris will discuss the different ways these wines are left to age, and how their casking imports different flavors and aromas.
Our final two wines for April will be a rose, and a Pinot Noir!

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