Charles P. Steinmetz Memorial on May 6, 2 pm

Schenectady officials will be unveiling a bust in honor of Charles P. Steinmetz on May 6, 2 pm. It will take place at the site of his former lab, 1297 Wendell Ave. in the G.E. Realty Plot. Steinmetz006

Known as the “Wizard of Schenectady”, Charles Steinmetz was notable for his achievements in electrical engineering and mathematics at General Electric. Throughout his life, Steinmetz held over 200 patents. In addition to his academic achievements, Steinmetz was known as a colorful character. He kept an assortment of animals at his home, including owls, alligators, a raccoon, and a Gila monster. He was almost always seen chomping on a cigar — even when swimming. He kept up an active social life and was known as an avid card-player and practical joker. His life will be celebrated at this memorial.

Spring Walking Tours!

Explore the Stockade Historic District’s fascinating history, culture, and architecture this spring with our with guided walking tours!

Schenectady’s Stockade is a national jewel, boasting the highest concentration of historic period homes in the nation. For over 300 years Schenectadians have called the Stockade home, and the streets are alive today with the stories and legends of Schenectady’s past. Join us on a walking tour and discover the beauty and history of America’s oldest residential neighborhood!

ssColonial Walking Tour graphicReligionTour FB graphicFor more info on all of these tours, or to register for SECRET STOCKADE, please visit, or call 518-374-0263 x4. All tours leave from the Schenectady County Historical Society, 32 Washington Ave, Schenectady, NY 12305. Off-street parking is available next door at the YWCA.