Visualizing the Lexicon of a Loving Hand

Art Exhibit Opening Reception

Friday, May 22 @ 6pm

Mabee Farm Historic Site

Join us Friday, May 22 at 6pm for an opening reception celebrating artists Brennan Goodwin and Jackie Zysk and their exhibit, Visualizing the Lexicon of a Loving Hand. Refreshments will be served. Admission is $5, free for SCHS members.

About the Exhibit:
Whether it obsessively constructs a scrapbook, or clumsily tips over a glass of milk, the human hand is not only an extension of our anatomy but also that of our personality. “Visualizing the Lexicon of a Loving Hand” is an illustrative example of such a philosophy, and one that speaks specifically to the humble yet earnest qualities behind the tactile craftsmanship seen in most artwork. The two artists speak two separate languages when it comes to their visual style and diaristic inquiries, but when their works share the same venue they establish a unifying dialogue that addresses how one can externalize their restrained memories, and personal observations, for an audience to empathize. Exhibiting the work in a museum setting emphasizes the belief that visual creativity is as much of a science as the taxonomical systems used by this institution, and especially when one tailors their personal memories into an archive that affects the viewer’s perception of the world.

For more information please contact Mary Zawacki at or 518-887-5073. Mabee Farm Historic Site is wheelchair accessible, and off-street parking is available.