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The Schenectady County Historical Society brings to life the region’s dynamic history through interactive exhibits, talks, workshops, concerts, programs and community events for all audiences at the Mabee Farm Historic Site, the Grems-Doolittle Library, the Schenectady History Museum, and the historic Brouwer House.

The Schenectady County Historical Society is more active than ever in presenting vibrant programming. Please visit our events calendar to find information about upcoming events.


The Schenectady County Historical Society shares stories, inspires dialogue, and encourages understanding of the history, people, and cultures of Schenectady County.


The Schenectady County Historical Society strengthens our community as an increasingly vital destination and resource for exploring history.

You may view an abridged version of our 2019 Strategic Plan here as well as our Bylaws (revised 2023), Articles of Incorporation, and the 2022-2023 Annual Report.

2021-2022 Annual Report
2020-2021 Annual Report
2019-2020 Annual Report

Financial Support

The Schenectady County Historical Society is a private, not-for-profit organization. We are wholly supported by the dues of our members, interest and dividends earned on bequests willed to us, fees for admission and service, and sales in our two gift shops. Please consider supporting our mission in preserving and promoting Schenectady County’s history by making a gift below, becoming a member,or sponsoring us through your business.



John Ackner, Facilities Manager, 518-374-0263 x5

Marietta Carr, Librarian/Archivist, 518-374-0263 x3

Michael Diana, Director of Education/Historian, 518-374-0263 x6

Audrey Humphrey, Office Administrator/Membership and Visitor Services Manager, 518-374-0263 x5

Mary Zawacki, Executive Director/Curator, 518-374-0263 x4

Christopher Kirksey, Master Gardener at Brouwer House Creative

Board of Trustees

John Halstead: Treasurer
Mark Vermilyea: President
Robert Sullivan: Secretary
David Trestick: Vice President

Bob Carney
Tracey Chance
Angela Commito
Philip Fields
David LeBlanc
Chris Leonard
Sheri Lullo
Chris Marney
Kevin Richard-Morrow


The Schenectady County Historical Society has vast collections of objects and archival materials that tell the story of Schenectady.

The Library is home to over 6,000 books and periodicals, 30,000 photographic prints, 750 maps, 65 linear feet of newspaper clippings and surname files, and approximately 2,000 linear feet of archival records, legal documents, maps, and photographs pertaining to Schenectady County’s history.

The Museum collects objects of artistic, cultural, and historical significance to Schenectady County and the surrounding region. Throughout a century of collecting, SCHS has amassed a large and diverse collection containing over 12,500 objects across a broad range of categories: art and decorative art, toys, clothing and textiles, farm equipment and tools, archaeological artifacts, as well as objects related to Schenectady industry and trade, local clubs and civic organizations, and general daily life.

We recently updated our Collections Development Plan, and our collecting goals for the 2020s.

Should you be interested in donating artifacts or archival materials to the SCHS, please read our Artifact Donation Guidelines, and then fill out our Donation Questionnaire. Our areas of collecting interest include:

-Artifacts and documents that tell the story of the pre-colonial, colonial, early Republic, and early industrial periods in Schenectady, c. 1600s-1850s

-Artifacts and documents that tell the stories of the Black and Indigenous communities and experience in Schenectady

-Artifacts or documents that tell the stories of Schenectady’s marginalized or underrepresented peoples

-Artifacts or documents that are related to contemporary issues in the region

-Historic or contemporary artifacts that pertain to locally manufactured goods (e.g., handmade items by local crafters, and items produced locally)

We do not collect commemorative plates, coins, pins, or plaques, or packaging (i.e. bags and boxes branded with a business name). We rarely collect mass-produced goods or oversized objects.


The Schenectady County Historical Society is generously supported by the following:

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