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Why Sponsor?

Tons of Exposure!
Over 20,000 people visit Mabee Farm and the Schenectady County Historical Society each year, and our online reach includes 1.5 million impressions annually. That’s a LOT  of potential clients and customers! Our events are always highly attended, and our social media presence is wide-reaching. Between signage at major events,
print advertising, and social media tags, that’s a lot of opportunity and repetition to get your name out, and make an impact!

Goodwill and Good PR!
By sponsoring Mabee Farm events, you’re contributing to the vibrancy of our community. It’s an opportunity for the people of Schenectady
County to see your business highlighted as making a meaningful difference in our
community. Together, we can contribute to the ongoing revitalization of Schenectady County!

Excellent Cost to Benefit Ratio!
Our sponsorship opportunities are tailored to different marketing goals and budgets. At a small cost to you, we offer affordable opportunities that allow you to get face-to-face with thousands of customers from a variety of backgrounds and interests.

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