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There are many ways you can support SCHS. Consider:

Join the 1661 Society

The 1661 Society, named for the year Schenectady was settled, recognizes the generous individuals who are leaving a lasting legacy to SCHS through a planned gift . By including SCHS in your estate plans, you ensure that SCHS can continue to enrich lives for generations to come.

Joining The 1661 Society is an exceptional way to contribute to the preservation of local history. A planned gift also offers many advantages, including the fulfillment of philanthropic goals and a reduction or elimination of estate tax liability.

Becoming a member of The 1661 Society is as simple as designating SCHS as a beneficiary of a percentage or dollar amount of your retirement plan, life insurance policy, or bank account; there is no need to change your will!

Please support the long term sustainability of the Schenectady County Historical Society by joining The 1661 Society. You can contact Mary Zawacki at or (518) 374-0263 x5 to make your pledge.

Become an SCHS Lockkeeper

Join the Lockkeepers in making a consistent, meaningful impact through monthly donations. Just as they did during the days of the Erie Canal, Lockkeepers safeguard SCHS through the ebbs and flows of economic change and enable the stewardship of Schenectady’s past, present, and future.

When you become a Lockkeeper, you know that each month, your gift directly supports the educational and preservation efforts of SCHS.

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