A New Nation: Schenectady in the Early Republic (1798-1830)

Schenectadians of the early American Republic lived through defining years of the nation’s history. They were part of a growing city in a new nation, which would have to shape diverse peoples, religions, and geographical spaces into a free and prosperous republic. At the same time, Schenectady is chartered as a city, and seeks to define its own local identity. How do you set up a new city government? Is Schenectady a quiet country town or a bustling riverfront hub? What is the proper role of women in this new society? And how do Schenectadians respond to the growing shift from village farmers and craftsmen to urban factory workers?

Through a carefully curated collection of historical artifacts and accounts, you’ll discover daily life in Schenectady, and how ordinary Schenectadians — a motley collection of folk — responded to and shaped the social and cultural shifts of America’s Early Republic period.



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