Highlights from Collections

A number of permanent exhibitions highlight some of our favorite artifacts.

Medicine on the Mohawk: featuring the collection of Dr. Spring:
Schenectady – like every village and city – faced waves of deadly disease. Smallpox in the 1700s. Cholera and Typhoid in the 1800s. Spanish Flu in the 1900s. Yet, for nearly as long as Schenectadians have fought illness, doctors and nurses have been here healing. The tools doctors use have changed, as you’ll discover in Medicine on the Mohawk. But the goal remains the same: work together and tirelessly to make us healthy.

Setting Schenectady’s Table: Our ceramics collection illustrates the changing nature of trade, food, and hospitality in Schenectady’s history.  Though techniques and styles evolved through the years, these ceramics evoke a sentiment we feel today. The pleasure of good food and drink, shared with great company.

1834 Yates Dollhouse:The second oldest dollhouse in America has spent its whole life in the Stockade! With original early-1800s furnishings and a painful history, it is one of SCHS’s most evocative pieces! For a short film produced by the Schoharie River Center which shares the story of the Yates Dollhouse, please visit youtube.com/watch?v=ncDCtDtMN5s

Exhibit Details